Explore the marine life of the Jurassic coast
Hand feed our grey mullet
Hold a starfish
Get up close with lobsters and crabs

Discover close up the local fish and marine life of the Jurassic coast 

Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium is a traditional family run attraction which prides itself on offering visitors a fun and interactive insight into the sea creatures which inhabit our local waters. Situated at the end of the Cobb, Lyme's iconic harbour wall, our mission is to spark your imagination, arouse curiosity and give you an appreciation of the the amazing marine life which can be found along the Jurassic coast. The aquarium is brimming with local sea creatures, interesting presentations and historical exhibits, making it one of the most fascinating and enjoyable visitor attractions in West Dorset.

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If you're looking for things to do in or around Lyme Regis, a visit to the aquarium is a great way to spend an hour or so getting to know the marine life which can found along the local coastline. During a visit you'll have the opportunity to interact with the sea creatures. Kids and adults alike love the unique experience of hand feeding the mullet, holding a starfish and getting up close with lobsters and crabs, all of which provide fantastic photo opportunities!

Lots of species to see

The aquarium is a brilliant place to visit come rain or shine. Even though we're compact in size, you'll find a variety of fish and sea creatures on display including bass, ballan wrasse, blennies, lobster, mullet, starfish, sea scorpions, crabs and dogfish.

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Mullet feeding

Let our friendly mullet take food directly from your hand. We believe the mullet feeding experience is unique as we've yet to come across anything similar. You start by lowering your clenched hand containing food into the water, you then slowly open your hand to reveal the food to these wonderfully tame creatures who will gently suck, caress and 'kiss' your hand as they feast upon the food.

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Hold a starfish

Starfish are fascinating creatures and inspire great wonder for all ages. When you visit the aquarium you'll get the chance to hold one of our five legged invertebrates in the palm of your hand.

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